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Alex and Sam:

"We have never had to write a ‘begging’ letter before but it is time to swallow our pride and do whatever is needed to be able to make good decisions and give Milly the happiest life possible. Now that we have made the decision to go ahead with Milly's surgery, we know that there will be lots of costs involved with caring for Milly and her developing needs.

There is a huge fear of the unknown and we are taking great strength in being able to be together as a family at this time.

We know there are many charities and pleas for help out there but if you could offer your help in this case, we want only to give our daughter the best chance of living, in the best possible way."

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Milly was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2007 when she was just four years old. After undergoing surgery in Oxford she then went on to have an intensive course of chemotherapy in Northampton.  She is the bravest, cheeriest little girl you could ever wish to meet.  Having a pooly child is extremely difficult financially, especially with the unrelenting bills and loss of earnings, due to being self-employed. The family is only just recovering from the financial struggle they’ve experienced since Milly’s diagnosis.

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Update November 2013

Dear Friends

Our Milly is being adorably brave and we are cherishing every day we have with her.

If we are to be honest, it is not easy having a poorly little girl with huge twists and turns; ups and downs; highs and lows - but we are still eternally grateful to all of you for your kindness in supporting the Helping Milly Appeal last year, which continues to help us on a day to day basis.

Milly is still having chemotherapy once a week and bless her she is being so brave. We have a new neurological consultant in Oxford who wanted us to try this new treatment as it might slow down the growth of Milly’s brain tumour. We are not expecting miracles but it is something that as a family we felt compelled to try.

We have good days and bad days (like any other family) but on the more difficult days when Milly is not able to go out we are using the appeal money to buy lots and lots of craft activities for Milly so she does not go too stir crazy with not being able to go to school.

Milly does sometimes feel isolated and so again the appeal money is spent carefully taking Milly and Max, and maybe a friend, on various trips and adventures. These are wonderful family times that we have together and memories that we will cherish.

Milly will have another MRI scan in the New Year so we can find out if the Chemotherapy is working.

We would like to wish you all a really happy Christmas and again send you all our eternal thanks for your love, kindness and support.

Love Alex and Sam



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